Korean BBQ Buffet Lunch Herb Valley

I was invited to this Korean BBQ buffet lunch at Herb Valley restaurant by a friend. There were 6 of us and this is our 1st visit to this restaurant. Anyhow, this is a new restaurant in a similar new Tropicana Gardens Mall building that was recently open to the public. For information, this is a non-halal restaurant as pork is served.

At the time of our visit (which is 06/09/2020), they are offering an introductory special price promotion at RM45.28 per-person (inclusive service tax is RM48.00). They offer pricing on different days. Weekdays lunch is the cheapest and weekends is at the price as mentioned. And yes, this is a All You Can Eat for limited time of 2 hours.

Here are a list of the food you will be expecting.
*I am not sure if they do any food choice rotation or not but these are some of the food I had on my visit.

  • Buffet filled with marinated and non marinated pork bellies and pork shoulders. Pork belly is thick and juicy.
  • Side dishes come with varieties of around 10 dishes.
  • Gimbaps and pancakes.
  • Kimchi soup and seaweed soup.
  • 2 to 3 varieties of ice-creams.
  • Korean rice tea.
  • Free flow of bottled soft drinks.
  • Cook your own Ramyeon (there are 3 flavors available). Add your own sausages, vegetables, etc.
  • Around 4 to 5 different sauce.