Must Try: Laksa In Yung Lai Siang Kopitiam

Whenever I am in Malacca town, I must try and go to this Laksa in Yung Lai Siang kopitiam. The kopitiam is a small shop lot with only 2 stalls; where one is selling laksa and another is selling prawn mee. This little coffee shop seem to run by 2 elderly ladies and the 2 stalls at the front are rented to these 2 person.

Initially, I thought they were all related but apparently, I was wrong. Anyway, let’s not dive into their personal relationship instead let’s talk about why I go there for the laksa. The laksa stall is in Yung Lai Siang Restaurant and ran by this guy called JOE. I am just guessing that his name is JOE because on the last dine in visit, I paid using ewallet facility and the payment was transferred to an account name was “JOE Laksa”.

Apparently also, earlier advertised was “Nancy’s Laksa” which you can see clearly on top of the signboard but somehow, it became “Joe’s Laksa” instead. If you asked me why, I am not sure but so long the food is good, I will continue to visit it.

Update: 16-06-2022

  • Joe Laksa took over the shop lot. He is now serving laksa and prawn noodles.
  • Shop closes every Wednesday, also closes on 1st and 15th of Chinese calendar.

Here is the kopitiam photo (this was taken before the covid19 pandemic in 2019) and looks crowded right?

What are being sold in this kopitiam? Let’s see!

First dish is my favorite Laksa.

2nd dish that is sold in this kopitiam is the prawn mee.

Finally in the same prawn mee stall, this owner also sells fish ball soup noodles.

What’s my take:

My favorite is still the Laksa.
Taste: Laksa is good, not too spicy (just right for my taste buds). Prawn noodles and fish ball soup noodles is average but if this is your 1st time there, maybe you could try it too.
Portion: Good for single person.
Price: Very reasonable at RM5.50 a bowl (this goes to laksa, prawn noodles & fish ball soup noodles and as of year 2020 price).

Google Maps location

In Kuala Lumpur town area, this is my favorite laksa stall. Read more here.

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