Ho Min San (Desapark City) MCO 2.0

Lunch at Desa Parkcity Waterfront Ho Min San after our government announced that restaurants open for dine in during MCO 2.0 are allowed with max of 2 persons per-table. This was my wife and I 1st visit to a restaurant during implementation of MCO 2.0. Also, we sort of celebrate our belated Valentine’s Day lunch.

This restaurant is situation on 1st floor of the building above Aeon supermarket. We were there at around 12.00pm before the lunch crowd and also to get a car parking space. This little island place car park space are always full especially after 1.00pm onwards.

We followed the standard SOP for dine-in and there are maybe around 15 tables available. Anyhow, the place is not full so we are seated without waiting. I didn’t capture their menu but I do know that they serve roasted goose noodles or rice which is one of the most expensive item in the menu. We may try it the next trip.

Ho Min San is also famous for their Siu Loong Bao (Shanghai dumplings). Unfortunately, dumplings are not available on the day we visited maybe due to out of stocks or maybe because of SOP whereby these dumplings are usually hand made.

Herb jelly bean curd as appetizer (aka dessert).

I was also wondering why they serve the dessert first.

Pork belly and meat slices noodles in Mala soup.

I ordered the mild spicy soup. Filled with roasted peanuts, salty vegetables, siew pak choy, pork belly and meat slices. The mala is spicy even it was at mild spicy level. I couldn’t slurp the soup together with the noodles like I used too with plain soup because I might be chocked by the spicy soup. This is always the case when I am having spicy mala soup.

Kunming Douhua noodle.

My wife had this and was the first she had. Filled with minced pork meat, salted vegetables, fried egg, siew pak choy and fried fu chok.

How much is the total bill? And yes, we had white coffee with jelly too. And another yes, we were sharing the dessert and white coffee but we had our own meals.