Kepong Best Lor Pan Mee And Seafood Noodles.

Recently stumbled upon Kepong’s best lor pan mee and seafood noodles. As at the moment, our country is at partial lockdown due to the high covid19 cases. Eating out is not possible as only take away ruling in placed for all eatery establishments. This is time for take away food hunting only. By the way, lor pan mee (banmien) is flat noodles.

Update 01/2022: This stall no longer sells lor pan mee due to shortage of staff. This dish may or may NOT return in the near future. Update 10/2022: This dish is back.

1st stop is lor pan mee, I have been looking for a good lor pan mee stall after one of my favorite stall closes for good because the owner is retiring. This stall I found is actually selling yong tau foo as well other noodles like curry laksa noodles, fish or pork balls noodles, etc and one of my favorite is their lor pan mee apart from their yong tau foo.

They are located in a morning market in Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong.

Google maps location:

The 2ndly stall is the seafood stall where this is the 1st time I had lobster at only RM45.00 per-kg (cooked). My regular food at this stall is LaLa (clams) noodles. Pre-order is required and my wife did an order for a lobster for our breakfast-lunch. The lobster cost us RM48.00 because it is over 1kg (it is under promotion price and seasonal). This particular stall is in a kopitiam shop in Bandar Menjalara opposite Tesco Village Mall.

Google maps location:

No Verdict because I liked the foods from both these stalls.

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