Teow Chew Hor Fun ICC Pudu

Teow Chew Hor Fun ICC Pudu

Last January, I stumbled upon this “Teow Chew Sweet Sour Hor Fun ICC Pudu” that is delicious to my palette and I’m so glad taht I found it. This stall is located inside ICC Pudu food court. The story is; I was in town with my wife to run some errands and since it was already 1.00pm, we might as well have lunch before we head home.

ICC Pudu food court was my wife’s recommendation and thus we hurried to the place. We have to hurry because this food court suppose to close after 3.00pm. Food court operates from early morning (around 6.00am to 3.00pm) because there is a wet market under the building’s basement so it sort of follow the wet market operating hours.

When we reached the food court, many stalls are already packing up but I stumbled upon this stall that sells porridge and soup noodles. I noticed they have this Teow Chew Hor fun which is quite interesting and thus I ordered a plate. Luckily this stall is still open at the time I made my order.

Apparently this Hor Fun soup is sold in Bukit Mertajam, Penang but only made its presence here no longer ago. Since it is a delicious dish, I would like to recommend this in my blog.

Most of the ingredients are visible in the image attached here. This dish has tomato, lemon, fish and hor fun (kway teow). Tasted sweet and sour at just the right amount. They have 2 options, fish or prawns which is slightly more expensive. Maybe, I shall try the prawn next visit.

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Personal note: At the beginning of Jan 2021, I had a bad case of diarrhea that lasted almost 4 to 5 days. The day I had this food was on 3rd Jan 2021 and I was still not well but I am already in the recovery thus got to enjoy this yummy dish.