Hokkien Mee At Tuck Kee Ipoh

Whenever I’m in Ipoh, I may sometimes stop by and have my Hokkien mee at Tuck Kee Ipoh. I guess this is the only place you get to enjoy hokkien mee with thick yellow noodles, usually thick yellow noodles can only be found in KL.

Update 20/7/2022: Now Tuck Kee Ipoh have reached Kuala Lumpur. They opened another shop in Bandar Menjalara couple of months ago. I’ve not step into it yet so I cannot comment on their food.

They are famous for their hokkien mee (black soy sauce noodles) and their moon light char kway teow (fresh egg over fried kway teow) but be prepare to wait especially during peak hours and weekends. Honestly, I’m not sure which dish made them famous as both the dishes are most common dishes ordered by customers. Their price is not cheap ( I would say mid-tier pricing) and you are expected to do some self service like serving your own chili, etc.

When I’m here, my 1st usual order is their Hokkien Mee and followed by maybe soy sauce squid, moonlight char kway teow or cantonese fried fish noodles.

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