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Ah B Hokkien Mee Desa Jaya

Last Saturday, my family and I went out for dinner and stumbled upon Ah B Hokkien mee in Desa Jaya. Actually, we wanted to dine at Boon Kee steam fish restaurant but unfortunately, their shop maybe closed permanently as there are banners of the shop up for rent. Deciding not to go anywhere else, we pop over to Ah B stall to try.

This stall has no crowd and quite empty, but it is spacious with 2 person manning (including the owner of the stall who is also the cook). Sort of old style stall type with simple old style dishes. Apart from hokkien mee, there are many other varieties from noodles dishes to rice dishes.

Ah B’s menu.

Here are what we ordered.

3 dishes with a pot of Chinese tea at RM47.00. Price is very reasonable. All dishes are for 2 persons.

What I think:

Pro: Spacious and quite a varieties of dishes. Good for individual quick meal. Rice and noodles available. Very reasonable price.
Con: Ingredients for all dishes are basically similar, I see pork meat, pork liver and prawns.
Taste: Tummy filling type of taste and not to palate.
Potion: Just nice. No complain.

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