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AllDoCube iPlay 20 Pro Android Tablet

A few months ago, my brother and I was looking for an android tablet and found AllDoCube iPlay 20 Pro android tablet. To be honest, there aren’t many brands nowadays selling 10-inch tablet with high specifications apart from iPad, Huawei or Samsung Tab. These 3 are well known brand and their tablet pricing is not cheap especially if looking at high ram and high storage space.

The lowest model that is affordable (by me) is only 2GB ram with 32 GB storage space which already costing me RM400 to RM500. And I am very sure that 32GB storage is never enough for apps these days. There are too many apps I need to install so 32GB is never enough for me. If I were to look at higher storage specs, it would cost me over RM900 to RM2,800 (depending on the brand).

There are also China made tablets that are non branded which is low in price but I am not able to trust these non-branded tablets. Although stating high ram and high storage space, I read many reviews that the specifications may not be true as advertised. China’s non brand tablet only cost approximately RM300 a unit and it is very tempting to me. But because of the unknown specs, I would not dare try them. After searching around, my brother did find 3 known brands from China that maybe 80% to 95% reliable. The brands are Chuwi, Teclast and Alldocube. There maybe other brands too but these are the only 3 brands we are looking at.

Comparing these 3 brands, it is noted that Alldocube has the cheaper tablet. Chuwi concentrate mostly on laptops while Teclast (we had some bad experience with it) so Teclast is out of our focus.

The story is my brother bought a Teclast slim laptop (good specs with touch screen) and less than 7 days, it cannot be charged. Apparently charging port burned out and talking to their support doesn’t resolve the issue. Fortunately, the unit was bought from Lazada and it came with 15 days return warranty. My brother were quick to request for return and gotten a refund. Also, we did some research online and found out that there are many complaints in regard to their charging port. Not only it applies to their laptops but to their tablets as well. I do hope they would do better quality in their future units as I would still buy from them if they are able to fix the issue.

Finally, we took a risk at Alldocube tablet. It is cheaper than the other 2 brands and also noted that the specs fits us. We bought the Alldocube iPlay 20 PRO editions. Specifications we are looking at are 6GB Ram, 128GB internal storage, Octa-Core processor and 6,000mAH battery (running Android 10). Tablet also built-in with 4G Simcard slots (2 simcards allowed) plus WIFI. Priced at RM680 a unit (inclusive casing and screen protector), we thought it was a great deal.

We bought at a promotional price because Alldocube is launching the newer iPlay 30 at that time. A deal we thought is reasonable but a little worried as this is the first Alldocube table purchase. The moment we received the tablet, we checked the device settings to ensure that we got what we ordered. It was according as advertised. Phew ….. ! What a relief.

As of today’s writing, I have been using this tablet for a couple of months and I am confident with it. Overall, the tablet is running as expected and the only negative comment about the tablet is the touch screen sensitivity. Touch screen is not as sensitive and a slightly sluggish as sometimes, it didn’t capture my typing especially when writing emails.

Pros: Smooth video playback, colors are vibrant, 6GB ram, 128GB internal storage, smooth running apps, smooth gaming, WIFI enabled, 4G Sim, long battery life, quick charge using type-C port.
Cons: Touch screen not too sensitive and a bit slow in respond. Recommend to use an external keyboard for faster typing.
Price: RM680.00 a unit.

Update: 10-11-2022, the device only receive one firmware updates and battery drains even on standby. I think it could be the battery management issue. I had to ensure all my apps are terminated (exit) on standby.

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