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Dinner At Amigo Steaks & Grills Restaurant

What’s for dinner? It was dinner time & we (my family & I) were looking for some food during our stay in Malacca. We tried searching online & found this restaurant Amigo steaks & grills western restaurant which is about 5 mins drive from our hotel. We decided to visit it as we didn’t want to travel too far. By the way, they have a rating of 3.8 stars on Google Maps.

Decision made & off we go. On reaching the restaurant, we managed to find a car parking space as there are ample parking space along the street. And here is an image inside the restaurant:-

The Menu.

They serve western & Japanese foods. I took a sample snapshot of their western menu.

Food We Ordered.

We had curry udon with tempura prawn (Japanese), fried chicken chop, fried chicken chop with mushroom sauce & black pepper sizzling chicken chop. So, how do they fare?

They need to improve:

Pro: I must say the chicken chop (with or without mushroom sauce) is good. Due to still under RMCO (recovery movement control order), the table arrangements are spaced out comfortably hence it is spacious.
Con: Japanese curry udon is just bad with no condiments (just udon & one (1) tempura prawn). Black pepper sauce itself is not nice & spicy.
Portion: Japanese udon portion is small. Fried chicken chops portion is good.
Price: Reasonable & affordable.

Comment: Maybe improvements really needed on their Japanese food. Would I go again? Nothing to shout about!

Google Maps location:

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