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Android Box Cannot Play Video

Android Box Cannot Play Video.

If you are not able to play video whenever you are using Mega-HD app, it is sometimes caused by server connection issue or you might not have selected the correct video player to play the video. I have had many a times where I was not able to play my movies and I don’t know what to do. Every time I select a movie, an error box shows “Can’t Play This Video”.

See image below:-

I tried searching for answers on the internet and did all settings as suggested but I still couldn’t resolve the error. After many attempts, I realised I have been working on the wrong resolution. This is because Android keeps a App default in its system that default the execution of an app. I noted that my video app maybe default to a program that cannot play the video which is ES Explorer video player. Earlier, I had installed ES Explorer App for files management and apparently has also defaulted all my “open with” video to the app.

It is difficult for me to explain what is happening in written words but I have a simple solution to the above (can’t play this video) problem. It works for me and I hope it works for you too.

Here are the steps that you could try when you received as error playing a movie with Mega-HD app.

  1. Start Mega-HD app as usual and select your movie.
  2. On seeing this error.
  3. Move your mouse cursor to the top (right side) of the screen.
  4. You should see the following as shown.
  5. Click on the icon as shown in above image.
  6. On clicking the icon, another pop-up will show at the bottom of right side screen (as shown in image).
  7. Select your video player. In my case, I am using MX Player app. If you haven’t download this app, you can download it from Google play store. Personally, I prefer this app for my movies.
  8. And there you go, your movie should play accordingly.
  9. This is a necessary step every time you play a movie and if ‘Can’t play this video” error pops up.

For another app; if you cannot play your video, select “CUSTOM” and it should bring you to app selection (same screen as item no.6 above).

If there are any other solutions, you are most welcome to share with me. The above is the only possible solution for me at the moment.