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Chinese Style, Brilliant Nasi Lemak House in Kepong

Although this restaurant been operating quite some time, this is my 1st time trying this Chinese Style, Brilliant Nasi Lemak House in Kepong. Why did I try this shop this time? It’s because my son feels like it’s nasi lemak day. And normally, nasi lemak stalls only sells in the morning, we have not many choices especially it is already past noon.

Thus, Brilliant Nasi Lemak House is our choice since they open from morning till evening. Anyway, we were there at around 2.30pm, parked our car and walk a short distance to this shop. Problem with this area is the car parking space. It is usually full and may need to park inside Big-Aeon and then a 3 minutes walk to the shop.

They specialized in nasi lemak but they do have other choices for example a few types of noodles and a few choices of snacks (french fries or sausages). And since we were here on a weekday and at noon, we ordered their set menu (refer image below).

I tried their Brilliant’s Nasi Lemak (R1) set which comes with sambal prawns, squids and fried chicken. This set also served with dessert drink. The other is (R8) set where you can select 2 choices at RM12.80.

This is Choice (R1) set:

And this is choice (R8) set which my son ordered fried chicken and curry chicken:

My verdict

Price: reasonable for it is a restaurant with air condition.
Pros: Chinese style nasi lemak. Fried chicken is good.
Cons: Difficulty in car parking space. Even though fried chicken is good, it is quite oily. Curry chicken not as good.
Extra note: staff are not very friendly as they don’t reply what you have ordered (which is self ordering written on a paper). When food arrives, staff will just drop the plate on the table and we have to sort out ourselves which dish goes to whom. The only time they smile is when you asked for the bill. Overall experience wasn’t pleasant.
Rating: 2.9 out of 5.0 stars

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