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Closed: Anther And Stigma Floral Café Brunch

We had brunch (breakfast / lunch combined) at this Anther And Stigma Floral Café on the invitation of the owner of this café. The owner is my son’s schoolmate father who started this café which was managed by one of his daughter. The café has already been running for almost 2 years and started as an alternative investment but business picked up and the owner is planning for another outlet in the near future.

Update 2022: This place is PERMANENTLY CLOSED!

Anther And Stigma Floral Cafe has been given positive reviews in Google Maps because of its simple layout design that gave cozy ambience for family and friends chit-chats gathering with simple yet nice coffee and food. And in case you are wondering what does it mean by the name of the cafe, it is basically where Anther is the male part of flower and Stigma is the female part of flower hence the name Anther and Stigma Floral Cafe comes in.



Part of their menu (taken in Jan 2021). I shall explore the rest of the menu on my next visit.

Our Brunch.

Built our own croissant with half boiled eggs.

The rest of the food we ordered.

What I think:

Taste: Clean and plain but superb food. Clean and plain as in no messy sauce like mayonnaise or ketchup over the food but this doesn’t mean it is not provided upon request. Most importantly, it is not greasy. Big breakfast and chicken burger is yummy. Cozy place to hang out with friends and family.
Con: On the pricey side. I would prefer to have more popcorn chicken in the spaghetti as the portion is a wee bit small.
Price: On high side.
Portion: Depending on the type of dish. Spaghetti is small.

Google Maps Location:

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