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Closed: BBQ Chicken Tesco Village Mall Kepong

BBQ Chicken Tesco Village Mall Kepong. This is a newly opened BBQ Chicken branch in Tesco Village Mall Kepong and I dropped by to test it out. I was there after lunch at around 3.00 pm. I don’t see crowd, I’m the only customer in this restaurant (maybe because it past lunchtime hence less or no patrons at all). Anyway, I looked at the menu and ordered myself a BBQ chicken ala-carte style.

They do have an add-on set with choices of a drink and a side or both. Since it is already 3.00 pm, I just ordered a normal à la carte with a drink but not side. Before I post what  ordered, here is the inside view of the restaurant. I just took a single photo of it’s counter. So quiet, right? The staffs are busy talking to each other.

Here comes my food. My cup of Korean tea.

Black pepper grilled chicken with potatoes and some mixed vegetables.

Closer image of the dish.

Honestly, this dish costed me RM28.00 plus and I personally thought that the portion is just too small for its price tag. Furthermore, the sides are nothing to shout about. Being said that, the chicken taste is actually not bad as like any other grilled chicken.

Not Satifying:

Pros: Grilled chicken taste is not bad.
Cons: I am overall not satisfied with the portioning for the price paid. I do think they should have giving slightly bigger portion of chicken.

Well, if you liked to try it, by all means drop by into one of their branches to try it out. Be warn that you going to spend more than expected.

Update: 16/09/2018 – set lunch is on the menu now.

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