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Closed: Best Porridge At Lockhart Road Market, Hong Kong

Porridge Lockhart road market. Craving for the best porridge in Hong Kong? I visited Hong Kong back in 2010 for a quick sort of food and stay kind of trip. To be honest, one of my favorite food in Hong Kong is their porridge. No matter when you are in Hong Kong, you must try it’s porridge. You can try it at any shops that are selling porridge as they are always available during breakfast. I would think it is one of the Hong Kong residents breakfast favorite too.

There are many varieties mixed, from plain porridge to the most popular one, “Teng Chai” porridge (mixture of peanuts, meat and squid slices). Well, find out yourself what other flavor mixed you prefer. To top the porridge; a bit of soya sauce to the mix is my thing, you may have a different preference. Usually besides porridge, most shop will also sell “Yau Tiu” and/or “Chee Cheong Fun”.

Update: Lockhart road market permanently closed.

Anyway, I ponder into this Lockhart market and tried one of it’s store’s porridge for breakfast located on the 1st floor of this Government owned wet market place. Btw, you do not necessary go to a fancy restaurant, this food center in Lockhart road market is worth a try.

Price: HKD20.00 ~ HKD26.00.
Portion: Medium (Just enough as breakfast).

Presenting “Teng Chai” porridge with “Yau Tiu” as sides.

Fish Pasted Porridge.

The Shop.

I was the 1st customer.

The location Lockhart Road Market and Food Centre. Google Map Location.