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Closed: Japanese Curry House in Pavilion (Cocoichibanya).

Japanese curry house CocoIchibanya in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur grand opening day in December 2016.

Update: This place is PERMANENTLY CLOSED!

I was at the grand opening of Japanese curry house in Pavilion. This curry house has already made it’s present in 1 Utama, PJ and Queen’s Bay Mall, Penang which started 2 to 3 years ago but did not do well and the previous owner gave up on this franchise business. Currently, a new owner took over the franchise and setup in Pavilion. They change the food choice to exclude pork from the menu and keeping it as “pork free” restaurant. Thus, now they now only selling chicken, beef and seafood curry rice.

Cocoichibanya franchise is very big in Japan, they have over 1000 outlets in Japan. So, just about every corner, you should be able to drop by for curry rice in Japan. Anyway, I dropped by for some curry rice in this new outlet. I ordered the most basic “Fried Chicken Curry Rice” with a side set which consist of 1 bowl of Salad and 1 bowl of “Miso” soup plus a green tea drink. Did I forget to mention that during the grand opening day, Free 1 scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream for every main dish you order.

Update: Pavilion outlet closed somewhere end of 2019 due to covid19 pandemic.

They have an order choice in their menu, firstly choose the main dish that you want, then choose the spicy curry level which is from level 1 (normal spiciness) to level 4 or 5 (very spicy curry). After that, order your side dishes and drinks (these are optional). Other than fried chicken, they do serve beef, seafood, sausages and for vegetarian lovers, vegetarian curry rice. They do have pasta as well on their menu but since this is curry house, just go for their curry rice.

As mentioned earlier, I ordered fried chicken curry rice and with level 2 spiciness.  I like spicy food but I didn’t want to go for the highest spicy level because I wanted to get the real taste of their curry instead of just the spiciness of the curry. Below are some of photos of what I ordered.

Presenting the Fried Chicken Curry Rice.

Bowl of Miso Soup.

Salad Bowl (with sesame sauce).

One particular FREE side serve with any food you ordered are the ever lasting free flow of Pickles. It is ONE OF THE BEST PICKLES I have tried. Just put some over your rice and all you can say is “Ohishi” (Delicious).

Red Pickles (FREE Flow – eat as much as you like but you must order any main dish first).

Not forgetting the Free Green Tea Ice Cream for it’s grand opening offer.

Price: RM28.00 (Fried Chicken Curry Rice), RM8 to RM10 (Side Dish) and RM8 (Drinks).
Overall Price: Approximately RM35 to RM40 per-person.
Pros: According to owner, the rice, pickles and curry are imported directly from Japan hence the yummy taste.
Cons: Pricey.

Dine in is not cheap but the curry is nice with the taste of Japan flavor. I was noted that the rice and curry were all imported from Japan.

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