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Closed: Sirloin Steak plus Grilled Chicken Chop, Brussels

Sirloin Steak plus Grilled Chicken Chop for lunch anyone? My friend and I was in this western cafe that serve set lunches at Brussels Beer Cafe. Set lunch only on weekdays and do not apply on weekends. The set lunch includes Free serve salad, soup of the day and a cup of either hot or ice lemon tea that served together with a main dish of 3 choices. There will be different set lunch menu each day and I think it is set as a rotation. We were there on the Tuesday, and 3 choices are Sirloin Steak or Grilled Chicken Chop or Spaghetti. Our choice were sirloin steak and grilled chicken chop.

This cafe is located inside Tesco Village Mall, Kepong and was newly opened a couple of months ago. Bear in mind this restaurant is non-halal as they sell pork as well. Set lunch is set at RM18.50 that includes what I have mentioned above. So before you go try it, maybe you would consider my verdict below before hand.

What I think:

Price: Standard set lunch priced at RM18.50 nett.
Update: 2018 – Price increased to RM20.50.
Portion: With the unlimited salad, soup and one (1) main dish, I consider it as more than enough to fill your tummy.
Drink: Hot or Ice lemon tea.
Main dish: also comes with a side (sirloin steak with french fries and grilled chicken chop with potato and onions).

Pros: Reasonably priced for lunch. Loved the unlimited salad and soup. Grilled chicken is tender but sirloin steak is NOT. Winner still is the “grilled chicken chop”.


Mushroom soup.

Mixed Salad (Free Flow).

Ice lemon tea (No refill).

Now comes the main course. I was sharing with my friend where we had 1/2 of each other dish for taste.

Sirloin Steak.

Sirloin Steak.

Grilled chicken chop.

Grilled chicken chop.

Google Maps location:

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