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Covid19: Stay At Home!

Present moment, it is testing times for all Malaysian. We all need to stay positive and hope that we get through this difficult times. Not only Malaysia is affected but it is the whole world pandemic where many other countries are also locking down due to corona virus (Covid19).

As of today, there is no cure or vaccine for Covid-19 so do not listen to any rumored cures that are spreading like wild fire online via Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or any other social media platforms.

However, there is a piece of good news whereby Covid19 drugs began tested in many countries including 3 different types of drugs from China, Japan and WHO and the vaccines soon to be tested in our country. Let’s pray and hope for the best!

As at current situation, the best method to prevent the spread of Covid19 is to practice Social Distancing as recommended by WHO and by Government’s health care bodies.



06/10/2020 – Covid19 spread is back with over new 400 cases in a day. In my personal opinion, politics brings the rising case of covid19 (3rd wave). General public follows SOP set by ministry of health because we fear of heavy fines by authorities if SOPs are not met. Many top brass politicians were given privileges to not follow the SOP hence the spread becomes widen. I would say not all politicians but a handful of them are self proclaimed untouchable. Anyway, let’s stay vigilant and fight this pandemic until vaccine is found!