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Do Not Play These Mobile Games.

Do not play these mobile games. Why? Because these are money scamming mobile games that legitimately takes your money. There are many such mobile games popping up nowadays because they are making lots of money from your spending. They advertise as FREE TO PLAY games but in the end, you might just start to spend plenty of money on in-game items for example speed-ups, power ups and better heroes.

What are these (speed-ups and power ups) for? Well, let’s just say, these speed-ups and power ups are to help you grow stronger in the game faster in a shorter period of time. You guessed it, the faster you grow, the stronger you will be, the easier you be able to eliminate your weaker opponent. Thus games like these do not require skills to play (no-brainer games), just spend enough to get stronger to beat the weaker players.

Of course, you may argue that these are free to play games and surely you will still grow stronger “in time”. But bear in mind, it will take a long time for you to grow stronger and before you are able to grow, paid players are already so strong until you no longer able to even defend yourself in the game. Hence, you may either leave the game or start to buy in-game items.

And then you may say, why not just join the stronger team (alliance or allegiance) as support. Firstly, would the stronger team take you as their member? Secondly, if let’s say they take you in, you may be left out from special events as you may not be selected to participate. And why is that? Usually special events need stronger players to compete.

State of Survival is one example I’m talking about. Let me show you an image of how ranking indifference if you are a weaker player.

I did an experiment with this game. I joined a new server on 18th Jan 2021 and by 19th Jan 2021, you should see the much indifference in levels. The above image was taken on 20th Jan 2021 where I played the game for almost 24 hours total without paying a single cent in the game. I have only able to level up to level 12 with a rank position at 1122 in the server.

A level 12 usually cannot beat those of higher level players. Well, maybe if I get lucky, I’m able to beat 1 level higher (which is level 13) than myself and that’s it, the rest of higher level players should be able to take me down easily. And there are over thousands of other players that can take me down easily since I’m at rank 1122.

Which server I was in? I’m actually in server #598 which is fairly new and within 2 days, a newer server was created which is server #599. In one server itself, it has thousands of players.

You might ask how many players in total in a single server? I would not be able to answer the question. From what I saw, there could be potentially around 5000 or more players in a single server? The next image shows that I’m ranked 3522.

And how to rank up? How many buildings to level up before I’m truly ranked up? How about chief (player) level? To simply put, I’m a chief in a settlement and in my settlement, I have a headquarter plus other buildings to level up. Also, not forgetting to obtain and level up my heroes that help me fight and win battles. Now, let’s look at my settlement.

  • CF – Chief
  • HQ – Headquarter
  • ST – Storage / Warehouse
  • TP – Trading Post
  • PREC – Hero Precinct
  • T (smaller) – Troops camps (x4 overall)
  • RSS – Resources (Food x4, Wood x4, Metal x4 & Gas x4 – total resources buildings is 16 overall)
  • G – Garage to train your biker troops
  • B – Barrack to train your infantry troops
  • R – Range to train your hunter troops
  • H – Hospital to heal your troops after battle
  • AH – Assembly Point to help your alliance (team)
  • C – Command center to gain more troops
  • T (bigger) – Tower to guard your settlement
  • RS – Research center to do researching
  • BC – Barrier to guard your settlement
  • GR – Gear research to amour your chief and heroes
  • VIP – give access to minor speed ups

All the above are required to level up to make me stronger. The higher the level to rank the longer the period it takes to level up. Headquarter takes the longest time. From headquarter 29 to 30, it might take 30 days (1 month) to complete. Beyond level 30 is called plasma headquarter (I shall not go there).

I have to level up the few important buildings before I am able to level up my headquarter. For example, I need to level up buildings like hero precinct, barrack, assembly point and command center to the same level of current headquarter before I can level my headquarter to another level. Total time taken for a level 20 headquarter could potentially take about 1 week to complete. For a level 30, it may take about 1 month or more to complete, etc. if I continue free to play.

To get to headquarter 30, I need a total of about 4 to 5 months play time starting from level 1 (How do I know this? I was into this game that long before I purposely started this new account to test my theory about how money is spent in a game like this). If I start buying, I will be at level 20 within 2 to 3 days. For free to play, I would estimate approximately 1 week to 2 weeks to get to level 20.

Also, being at higher level does not give me immediate power access to beat other players. I still need to build up my heroes, chief level and it’s gears. There are more than 10 heroes, and chief levels plus it’s gears to improve. Bearing in mind, every single leveling needs lots of resources and it takes time to collect resources too.

I guess I need not say further. Paying players would level up so much faster than me thus potentially giving me the insecurity of being attacked by these stronger players.

Are such games a money scam game? I would say so. If you do not buy into the game, you are left behind so far until you are not able to enjoy the game. But once you started buying into the game, you can never let go and you will become addicted to buying more to get stronger than your opponent. It is just like gambling, the more you gamble away, the more you want to put in to win back the losses.

In my early statement, I said “these mobile games”. Which are the games I am referring to?

Here is a sample list.

  • State of Survival
  • Rise of Kingdom
  • Last shelter
  • Rise of Empire
  • Clash of Clans
  • Empire 4 kings
  • The Walking Dead

Be aware before you download.

Side note to add on to this money scamming mobile games. When you are in a server with less paying members, I personally would think that the “game developer” might just throw someone into the game with high levels. These could create an urge to buy into the game from weaker players as this “game developer” player would start to recruit high ranking members and then tries to take down other weaker players. He or she does not zero you out until you leave the game as they would not want that. He or she would just make you feel inferior in the game and hopefully in return, you would buy the in-game items to strengthen your settlement to stay on with the fight. This could be one of their marketing strategy.

Disclaimer: This is solely my opinion of some of the games I played. I do love and enjoy playing mobile games occasionally but to think I need to spend several hundreds or thousands into a game that does not need skills, I do not think so. I’m up for monetary support to game developers by buying since it does take lots of effort and man power time to develop a game but not to a game that sucks money. If you are in such games, good luck!

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