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Fusion Asian Western Food at Uncle Don

Taste of fusion Asian Western food at Uncle Don. I think there is Indian fusion as well. Anyway, I love going to this restaurant due to its taste of local, western and a bit of Indian style cuisine.

The place is usually crowded during peak hours so be sure to be there early. Prices are reasonable and portion is just right (in my terms). My favorites so far are their one-foot-long pork sausage, pork burger with charcoal bread, stuffed chicken with ham inserts and pork pizza.

The one-foot-long sausage is very filling and is it good for 2 persons. I tried having it alone and could not finish it so it is recommended for 2 to share.

Updated: Dec 2020 – one-foot-long sausage no longer available in their menu.

Pork pizza is filled with ample cheese toppings and best serve while hot. If you taking away, there is an additional charge for the boxing (if not mistaken RM1.20 a box).

By the way, they do serve wild boar curry with rice too. Frankly, their menu is quite extensive with many choices from fried rice to pizzas to burgers and sausages. They do serve beers and other drinks too.

I have some photos of my favorite food except pork pizza as shown below.

What I think:

Prices between RM13.00 to RM23.00 including tax. 

Pros: Good taste, satisfying portion, reasonable priced, free flow sky juice.
Cons: Small tables (seating), narrow walkways, allow smoking after 9pm (in which no longer applies due to recent new government’s rules on smoking in restaurants).
Rating: [rating stars=”4.3″]

Updated: Uncle’s Don Kepong branch service was very bad and staff are not well-mannered.

Search in Google and you should find a few outlets around town near you.

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