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Fusion Steaks in NY Steak Shack, 1Utama

My family and I were in 1U during the CNY holidays for some shopping and food. We wanted to lunch in restaurants like Ding Tai Fung or Dragon-I but the queue is just unbearable. We are in a 20 to 30 people waiting list and presumably may have to wait 30 to 40 mins for a table. We couldn’t wait that long as we are hungry and also even if we managed to get a table, we may have to eat fast so that the to allow for the next in line “if you know what I mean”.

We decided to stroll along some other restaurants and found NY steak shack. Not crowded probably because it looks like fast food restaurant or maybe because it is CNY, people like to go for Chinese food instead or maybe the food is not good? I’m not sure why but since we are hungry, we decided to step into the shop and try it for the 1st time. Everything must have a 1st time, right?

We sat down and ordered 1 combo and 1 promotion specials that they serve. A trio platter (special promotion) and a duo platter (combo).

Trio platter comes with chicken drumlets, beef and lamb (but on that day, they replace with fish fillet due to no stock on lambs), french fries, noodles, rice, shroom starter (fried mushroom and onions which I forgotten to take any photos) and 3 mocktail drinks. Duo platter have chicken fillet, beef, french fries, sunny side egg, salad and choice sauce plus a drink.

Price: Trio platter (Promo price: RM69.00, normal price: RM100.00), Duo platter (between RM26.00 to RM 29.00).
Portion: Trio is good for 3 person and Duo good for 1 person.

Presenting Trio Platter

Fish fillet


Chicken drumlets

Presenting Duo Platter

Chicken fillet and Beef with Sunny Side egg.

PS: Would I go there again? I do not think so because they serve with hot pans which I’m not too fancy about. I do not like food served in hot pans due to hygiene purposes. Hot pans cannot be scrubbed and cleaned properly and the metal plate will rust overtime. Therefore in my personal preference, I do not fancy food on these pans. Just my personal opinion.

Google Maps Location (Inside 1Utama):

Update 29/4/2017:

The other food that we tried is this Empire Burger. I personally didn’t try this burger, it is my daughter’s order.