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Hainanese Chicken Rice Anyone?

Hainanese Chicken Rice Anyone? Today, I finally sit in this stall and had my Hainanese chicken rice. You see, I drove by this stall 3 to 4 times a week. Every time I passed by this stall, I looked at it and always thinking to stop and try the chicken rice but it never happened. After all those months of passing by yet never did actually stop the car (park the car) and try the rice.

I didn’t know what happened to day, as I was thinking of what should I have for lunch, I purposely drove all the way to this stall and this time, I parked my car, find myself a table and sat down to order. I order a plate chicken rice (the part just below the tights), a drink and 1 big bowl of chicken soup. Poured myself all the available sauces that is on the table and waited for my food. My chicken rice came and it includes another small plate of ginger sauce (with chopped onion’s leaf).

What I had that is available on the table are chili sauce (mixed with a bit of back soy sauce) and plain chopped gingers. Here is what it looks like on my table, initial setup was without the ginger sauce with chopped onion’s leafs.

And finally, the arrival of my Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Rice with a bit of black soy sauce and chili.

Total spending for this meal is RM10.00. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Hainanese chicken rice (the part just below the tight) – RM8.50.
  2. Drinks – RM1.50.
  3. Big bowl of soup – RM0.00

If you just order normal breast meat (where you just accept any portion of chicken), the price is RM6.50.

It is quite OK:

  1. Price is slightly higher by maybe RM0.50 to RM1.00 as compared with other stalls 1km to 2km away.
  2. Taste is good due to the ginger, black soy sauce and chili.
  3. Environment is airy as it is shaded and with fans.

Recommended to try.

Google maps location:

Honestly, i didn’t know the name of the stall until I search from Google maps location. The stall is called Ah Yap chicken rice. It is not a restaurant but merely a small shaded hawker stall.