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Healthy Meals At Mama Kim, Setapak

Healthy Meals At Mama Kim, Setapak. Everyone loves a healthy meal nowadays and hopefully without burning a hole in your pocket. I just had a gathering one week ago with some”old” friends, no intention of mentioning “old” but due to the fact that time does flies.

We used to gather twice to 3 times a year due to our busy schedule. And thanks to the long public holiday we had last week, we are able to meet up and have a good lunch plus some chit-chat. Some gossips, some news and everything about the moon.

Anyway, let’s focus and get our attention back to this article. Healthy meals. Who doesn’t likes a healthy meal now days? We are living in an era of going healthy, right?

We take consideration of the type of food we consume and slowly losing those foods with high carbohydrates and even tries to zero-rise sugar. And as age catches up, our gathering must focus more on healthier food thus Mama Kim strikes into our minds.

Mama Kim advertises “where healthy is yummy”. Well, read the sign below.

I did not capture all the dishes we ordered that day, so you may have to explore it yourself but I did take some photos of their signature and best dishes.

They are famous for their Sauna Mee. I am guessing they name it the “Sauna Mee” because noodles are served in a hot clay pot. It is their signature dish and I could see most of the customers that dine in ordered this dish. And with lots of vegetables (see photo below).

Yes, there are 3 choices to select – brown rice, pumpkin noodles and mushroom noodles. We had the pumpkin noodles.

I shared the dishes with my wife and I found it to be very good. Best of all, the soup is refillable all the time. And because the pot is hot, the soup dries up very quickly.

And of course, you need to mix with a bit of chili paste to make the soup even more slurpier. Be careful tho, their chili paste is very spicy. Try adding a bit before you pour the whole plate in. Haha …. Btw, chilies are free flow.

What I had::

Price: RM15.00
Pros: Soup is good and I especially like how the pot keeps the noodles hot all the time. Price is reasonable and comes with 3 choices – Brown Rice or Pumpkin Noodles or Mushroom Noodles (see menu at bottom of page).

Next is my other dish and a side dish. One of my favorite which is Chessy Chicken Baked Rice (brown rice).

My side dish, my Smoked Salmon Sandwich with a small plate of baked corns.

What I think:

Price: RM16.00 (Cheesy Chicken Baked Brown Rice) & RM10.00 (Smoked Salmon Sandwich).
Pros: Baked rice is yummy with generous splash of cheese topping. Vegetables on it’s side. 
Cons: Smoked salmon sandwich, didn’t really get the taste of salmon and as side dish, portion is very small.

The Menu

There a few outlets around town. I had mine at the Setapak branch outlet. Parking here is easier and not too overly crowded. Try to be there as early as possible to get a decent table. I believe the shop is open from 8am onward.

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