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Hokkien Mee Tiong Restaurant Uptown PJ

Hokkien Mee Tiong Restaurant in Uptown Petaling Jaya. Do you like hokkien mee (noodles)? First of all, this place is non-halal. So, what is hokkien mee from my point of understanding? Hokkien mee (noodles) is a dish that was borne in Kuala Lumpur (KL). It is only made available in KL and is not found in any other states. This ‘fat’ noodle (udon liked) are only found in KL so the only place to take this dish is in KL itself. There are of course many places around town that sells this dish but to get a tasty one is definitely not easy to find.

The very best that I had tasted is when I was young and the particular stall is located behind some streets near Chow Kit Road (Yeah, those were the days). Alas, this stall no longer exist so I really missed the best one. Anyway, I was in uptown for my 1st time visit to Starling mall (newly opened mall in uptown) and I walked across the street for my dinner. There are 2 restaurants selling Hokkien Mee in uptown (Tiong Restaurant and Mee Shang Restaurant). The restaurant I visited that day was Tiong Restaurant.

I know, this restaurant has been in uptown for a sometime already. But this is the 1st visit to this restaurant. I was with one of my friend so we didn’t order much, just 2 dishes. 1st of course their signature dish; Hokkien Mee and 2nd dish is our favorite; Fried Lala (Fried Clams). Remember, this is my 1st visit and here are my verdicts.

What I think:-

Price: RM18.00 (Hokkien mee); RM18.00 (Fried Lala).
Portion: Enough for 2 persons.
Pros: Fried Lala’s are filled with juicy meaty lala which is good and we don’t have to keep searching for lala (if you know what I mean).
Cons: I couldn’t find my hokkien mee flavor that I crave. I also liked mine to be slightly watery.


Close up. Mouth watering!

Fried Lala.

Close up of fried lala.

Google Maps Location:

If you are in Genting Highlands and want some Hokkien Mee, visit the sky avenue. There is a food court (upper floor) that is also selling this dish. Personally, I have not tasted it but you may try.