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Nasi Ayam Berempah, Taste of Medan

For today’s lunch, my son introduces me to nasi ayam berempah, Taste of Medan restaurant. This is an Indonesia dish. A couple of days ago, he had this with his friend and he found it to be quite good so we decided to go there for lunch. This restaurant is located in Sri Sinar, Kuala Lumpur.

They serve mainly Indonesian food from rice to noodles but for this trip, we went for their signature dish which is nasi ayam berempah. The set comes with condiments like fried potatoes, fried egg strips, fried potato slices, steam long beans, fresh cucumbers, 1/2 boiled egg and sambals top with fried onions chopped.

What’s my take:

Taste: not bad. Fried chicken (similar to ayam penyet) and sambal is good.
Price: RM12.90 a set. (Takeaway; add RM1 for the box). RM13.90 (Oct 2022)
Portion: enough for a single person.
Environment: small restaurant with quiet atmosphere.

Google Maps location.

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