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Is Sinovac, Other Vaccines Effective Against Delta?

Is Sinovac and other vaccines effective against Delta? I’m not a doctor nor I’m buyers towards any vaccine’s manufacturers. The question always lingers in my mind on reports of certain vaccine brand are more effective as compared to other vaccine brand against the more infectious Delta variant.

To be honest, no data is sufficiently available how effective is the vaccine against Delta but there are sufficient data showing that vaccines are saving lives, thus take the 1st vaccine available to you. Variants are virus mutation from the same core virus cell which is SARS-CoV-2 (Corona Virus – Covid19). All vaccines are originally designed to build our antibodies to fight against the core strain.

Now why the world is talking about 3rd booster shot? To my understanding, it would take 14 days or more for our body to start building antibodies and 100 days or more to slowly develop more antibodies from our 1st vaccine dose date. 2nd dose is to further activate our antibodies to help develop faster and thus the 3rd booster shot is to increase the speed of antibodies development.

Now why mixture of different 3rd dose vaccine? mRNA, Inactivated virus and Vector Virus are all different technology but all are effective towards fighting covid19. To get the 3rd booster shot with different technology would further enhance your anti bodies. And this should be done after 2 doses of same vaccine technology unless time is given to our body to fully develop antibodies. But time is running out at this moment as infection rate is high. Therefore, if the 3rd booster shot is available to you, grab it.

You may read news about Sinovac is not as effective as other vaccine brands. As I explained above, all vaccines are effective (including Sinovac vaccine) so do not worry much about how effective it is, vaccine saves life. Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) must still be adhere by; for example Wear Mask when outside, Wash Hands often, maintain Social Distancing of 1m to 2m and avoid crowded places. (read this: https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202107/1228213.shtml)

Stop being propagandized by world politics.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor nor a scientist. I do not claim which brand is better than the others. I stood to my believes that all vaccine brands are helping us fight this pandemic and help save lives. Take the 1st available vaccine, save your own life and also the people close to you.

Note: Vaccine is not a cure, vaccine is to help us produce antibodies to counter covid. Covid virus may kill us within 7 to 14 days as it reproduce very rapidly and clot our lungs that suffocate us to death. Our antibody may need 7 to 14 days to start production but by that time, it maybe too late. Vaccine is to help develop antibody earlier and get ready if covid infect our body.

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