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Japanese Udon, 1Utama (Kodawari Menya).

Looking for some Japanese Udon for Lunch? How about for Dinner? If you are around 1Utama shopping complex, you can always drop by Kodawari Menya shop to try out some Japanese Udon noodles.

I was in 1Utama 2 days ago and wanted to try some Japanese food. There are many Japanese restaurants in 1Utama shopping complex. So which restaurant to choose from? Well, that day I “needed” some Japanese noodles, so I walked over to Kodawari Menya because their main dish is Japanese Udons.

So, before you stop by to try their Udons, here is what I think about their foods. Just for info: their best seller dish is Niku Udon (Beef Udon) – priced at RM16.90 and RM18.90. I didn’t order the best seller.

I wanted to try the Udon with half boil egg so I opt for Niku Miso Udon (with Onsen Tamago), this is a dry dish (no soup) – Small Size. I ask them to give me a bowl of soup on the side.

Main Udon after mixed with half boil egg (Onsen Tamago).

I also ordered Inari (Fried Tofu with Rice) and Tempura Chicken as my sides.

Inari, on the inside.

Btw, this is a “pork free” restaurant. They not only sells UDON (noodle), they also have DON (rice) set but they are famous for their Udon. Their Udon is a must try instead of Don.


Price: Niku Miso Udon (Onsen Tamago) at RM14.90 (Small), RM16.90 (Regular). I had the Small.
Portion: Small maybe not be enough for guys, maybe just right for ladies. Have to add some side tempura order (chicken, vegetable, prawn or tofu tempura).
What I had on the sides: Tempura Chicken (boneless drumstick at RM4.50) and Inari (RM2.50).
Drink: Green Tea (RM2.00).
Rating: [rating stars=”4.2″]


  • Udon is directly imported from Japan (what they claimed). Udon is chewy and tasted good.
  • Tempura chicken is very reasonable priced (for a boneless drumstick portion and crunchy even it is already cold. If you want tempura chicken to be served hot, you can make a request from the counter).
  • Friendly boss and waiters with clean environment.


  • Green tea should be inclusive and not to buy separately.
  • Soya (Miso) soup is very salty (unlike the salty taste in Japan itself, here it is very salty).
  • Only few varieties to choose from.
  • Slightly pricey for the portion.

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