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Kajang Satay (by MRT)

Kajang Satay Restaurant Malaysia (MRT). Travelling has been made fast and easy with the convenience of MRT (Mass Rail Transit). What better transport mode to go to Kajang for some Kajang satay? It has been a sometime now since my last visit to Kajang. When I was working for a company 10 years ago, I used to travel there but solely for work. I never had a chance for satay and I do missed it so much. it is quite a distance from KL to Kajang and driving all the way there is a hassle.

But it’s a different story now, travelling is now much more convenient. It is only 40 mins ride from KL to Kajang and I can relax inside the new and cooling train. No more jams and fatigue. Problem with driving is tiring and have to look for car parking. By the time, I reach the shop, I didn’t enjoy the food quite as much. Anyway, I took the MRT from Hang Tuah station (LRT) interchange in Plaza Rakyat station to Kajang Stadium station for some Kajang Satay. As I mentioned earlier, the ride took about 40 mins from Plaza Rakyat station.

Immediately disembark from Kajang Stadium station, you see one building block that sells satay. It is Hj.Sumari’s satay. I didn’t get to try Hj.Sumari satay because it was crowded (I was there around lunchtime at 12.30pm) and no tables left, not even for 2 persons. So, I go to another shop which is about 7 mins walk. It is opposite Majlis Perbandaran Kajang. This shop is very famous early days and this is my 4th time there (if I can remember correctly) as I was there like 9 years ago.

When I reached the shop, it was also crowded but I managed to find a table for 2 at the corner of the shop. Only choices they have is either chicken or beef. I do want to try mutton or fish satay but no luck. I ordered 20 sticks of chicken satay and 2 ketupat. Btw, this place is called Restaurant Malaysia.

Not as good anymore:-

Price: RM1.00 per-stick chicken satay (include GST).
Pros: Satay meat is lean (very less fats) but juicy. Nicely cooked.
Cons: Sauce is less thick (less peanuts), ketupat (RM1.50) is so small and not good. No longer serve free onions (add RM0.50 per-small bowl of onions).

Conclusion: taste is different from the last I tasted maybe due to rising cost and they’re maintaining the price at RM1.00 a stick. But my score to them is still above average so I still recommend that you give it a try. A little extra note on Hj.Sumari satay, i heard from my brother who tasted there that some of their satay is not cooked properly due to the crowd. Therefore, still best to eat in this Restaurant Malaysia.

Juicy Chicken Satay.

Satay sauce with cucumbers and my 2 ketupat. Noticed that no onions was served?

Small ketupat. I had bigger those days.


MRT ticket pricing list.

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