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Korean BBQ Buffet Herb Valley

I was invited to lunch in this korean BBQ buffet Herb Valley restaurant by a friend. It was 6 of us and this is the 1st time, we are trying out this Korean restaurant. This new restaurant is located inside Tropicana Gardens Mall and this is non-halal restaurant as they sell pork.

At the time of our visit (which is 06/09/2020), they are offering an introductory special price at RM45.28 per-person excluding service tax (inclusive tax is RM48.00). They offer at different pricing where on the weekdays, price per-person is cheaper than if you dine in during weekends. All you can eat within 2 hours.

Here are some of the food you can be expecting.
They have marinated and non marinated pork belly and pork shoulders.
Their pork belly is thick and juicy.
Side dishes comes with a varieties of around 10 dishes.
Some sushi and pan cakes too.
Soup choices – kimchi soup and seaweed soup.
Ice cream as dessert and bottled soft drinks and/or Korean rice tea.
Cook your own ramyeon, there are 3 selection of ramyeon flavors and add your own sausages, vegetables, etc.
Many sauce choices.


Taste: Cook (BBQ) your own – add onions, garlics and add sauce or just plain BBQ meat. Your choice.
Price: Reasonable at the time of this writing.
Portion: All you can eat for 2 hours


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