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Log 1 Of My Life After 55 Years Old

Log 1 of my life after 55 years old. On reaching 55 years old, there are many changes to my life. My children are all grown up and are already seeking their own life. My house became the lonely 2 of us. Although my daughter is still staying with us, she is now working full time and on weekends; she is out with her boyfriend or meet with her friends. My son now is far away from us as he is working in Singapore. I guess he is more alone than my wife and I as he is staying alone there.

I felt old a bit as my strength and energy are no longer as per-younger age. Because of this, I have went to gym at 50 and stopped because of COVID-19 pandemic that happened early 2020. We were in movement control order (MCO) for 2 years started somewhere in April, 2020 till our government announced endemic somewhere March, 2022. For note: MCO is where our movement is being controlled and we are not allowed to freely move around to stop or rather reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Gym is closed, and I had to work out at home. Working out at home has its cons. I do not have the proper weighs to push my strength limits and there is not much motivation working out at home. Work out in the gym gives me more motivation as there are similar gym goers that somehow advise me on proper working out of a muscle part. Anyhow, till today, I am still working out from home and I do some lightweight lifting on Mondays and Thursdays while on the other days, I just do cardio. Not going to gym have seem my weight beginning to increase a bit especially eating more snacks at home.

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