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McQuek Satay Celup, It is Good?

I was in Malacca on 17/09/2020 with my wife and family. We tried our 1st McQuek Satay Celup, it is good? Before I give my verdict, let’s take a look at what is the total cost for 3 people and also what type of food you can be expecting when you visit this small restaurant.

Our total bill for 3 persons is RM69.00:

What is Satay Celup?

It is sort of skewered meat and vegetables dip into hot piping peanuts chili sauce. This could be spicy for some people whom are not able to take spicy food so be prepared with lots of water. You get the option to order new sauce which is not shared from table to table. If wanted new sauce, this would set you off with RM23.90 addon to your bill (at the time of my writing).

Waiter mixing new sauce for us. We didn’t want to share with others, hence we ordered new sauce instead. Also, need to remember to stir every so often to avoid sauce sticking to the bottom of pot.

The foods

What type of food can be expected? Let’s see:

What’s my take:

Pro: Sauce is quite tasty because it has peanuts. Anything with peanuts is nice for me. Quite a handful of different skewers to choose from. Unfinished sauce can be taken away.
Con: For a person who can take hot spice, I would say it’s maybe too spicy for many people.
Portion: Depending on what you take from the fridge.
Price: It tends to get very expensive the more you eat or to really fill up your tummy.
Overall: I give it a 5 out of 10. To really fill up my tummy, I would need to eat a lot and this can get very expensive. Not recommended for heavy eaters, more suited for occasional fun outing.

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