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Moved: Jalan Kancil Beef Brisket Tendon Noodles

Jalan Kancil (Pudu) Beef Brisket Tendon Noodles. Do you fancy for brisket beef noodles? This is a sort of rare dish nowadays and maybe difficult to find around town. I ….. We (my brother and I) stumbled upon this stall near Pudu Plaza Hotel (Jalan Pudu) when we were around that area buying some stuff. We passed through the stall and smell something wonderful and immediately we reverse and couldn’t wait to taste it.

Apparently, this stall is quite famous and was once featured in a local Chinese newspaper. Honestly, i didn’t know about it until I saw their posting on their stall front. I later made a search in the internet and found out that apparently many people had already tasted it and I was late for the party … ahem! Anyway, it’s never too late, we had our 1st taste of their beef brisket noodles that day. We ordered 2 bowls (one each); one standard bowl with only beef meats and beef balls and another bowl mixture of beef meats, stomachs and tendons. I had the mixture one while my brother just have the normal beef balls.

Price is quite reasonable for today’s standard of living (2017). Normal bowl cost RM7.00 while the one mixed with beef stomach and tendon cost higher at RM13.00. The noodles and beef portions are filling and enough to fill your tummy. Others may like it with Kuey Teow (rice noodles) but we had ours with Yellow Mee (yellow noodles) and Bee Hoon (vermicelli) mixed. The beef balls are chewy and the tendons are soft on the outside and slightly crunchy on the center (where the soft bone is). This dish must be served hot as it taste better while hot. The soup is very salty though. I think they put too much MSG. Due to MSG, the hotter the soup the better it tasted.

What I think:-

Price: Normal is RM7.00 (regular size). With mixed beef stomach and tendon is at RM13.00 (regular size).
Portion: Surely will fill your tummy unless you are a super big eater; then better order the big size at RM1.00 extra.
Pros: Beef balls are chewy with pure beef taste. Tendons are soft on chew with a bit of crunchy on the center due to the soft bone.
Cons: Soup taste like lots of MSG. Felt thirsty after having the soup. Also soup is very salty.

If you like beef noodles, recommended to try it. Beef noodles are aplenty but this beef brisket noodles is quite rare to find around town nowadays. Maybe there are other places that sells similar beef noodles, do comment below for the location. If you are tourist visiting Malaysia, do drop by and try it out. There is a convenient LRT (light rail transit) station (Pudu station) and around 15 mins walking distance to this noodle shop (go before August 2017 as they are moving).

Here are some images:

Mixed beef noodles with Tendon.

Normal beef noodles. Beef meat and beef balls.

Now the pricing as taken in May 2017.

Apparently, they are moving to a new location somewhere coming August 2017.

Google Maps Location: