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MRT Routes (1st Phase Route).

MRT routes when on test trial before fully operational. Yesterday, I wanted to go Bangsar Shopping Center and decided to take a MRT ride from Sungai Buloh station to Pusat Damansara Station (which the stop is near Bangsar Shopping Center).

Why did I take from Sungai Buloh station? Sungai Buloh station is the 1st and the last MRT station and I wanted to know how fast the ride is to reach Bangsar. I timed my trip the moment I step into the train and stop upon reaching Pusat Damansara station and stepping out to the platform.

Here is the time record of my journey. Started at 10.52am and reached at 11.21am (approximately 30 mins to reach Pusat Damansara station). Around 10 mins walk to Bangsar Shopping center from Pusat Damansara station. Total it took me 40 mins to reach Bangsar Shopping mall which I consider to be very fast.

MRT Routes (There are 35 stations overall and 51 KM in distance).
As of 07/02/2017 – stations that start operating are those from Sg.Buloh to Semantan station.

View Inside the MRT train.

Miscellaneous photos around the station.