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Nasi Kukus Ayam Pok Ha Bandar Menjalara

Today I bought a pack of nasi kukus ayam Pok Ha Bandar Menjalara and tasted it for the 1st time. This simple roadside hawker stall is situated just right across Bandar Menjalara Mosque. They have been operating for a few years and I didn’t get to try it even though I passed by very often.

Nasi kukus is actually steamed rice and it should come with a piece of fried chicken hence the name “nasi kukus ayam berempah”. Also, this dish would need some chili and curry sauce to go with thus making the taste perfect. Now, let’s talk about how the pricing and the experience.

Due to the location, they do not have many tables and under a few big trees under the sun, so I would advise it is best to take-away and eat in the comfort of your home or office. A normal pack price includes a bowl of steamed rice, fried chicken, few slices of cucumber, a pack of “chili” sauce and some “curry” sauce to mix with. Total take-away is only RM6.00. And because the chicken is on a slightly smaller size, I ordered 2 pieces which works out to be RM11.00.

Update 2022: Now the price have increased plus the chicken no longer quarter (1/4) instead was given 3 smaller pieces of chicken.

And in the comfort of my home, I open my pack. And in terms of sauces, I just put it as “chili” and “curry” sauce (welcome to correct me if I am wrong).

No more crave for this:

Price: very reasonable price. Portion is small.
Pros: Fried chicken is delicious. Not too salty and not overcooked. Chili not too spicy.
Cons: Sauces could be better. Steamed rice a bit sticky, I liked my rice slightly dryer.

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