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Pizza Roma Buy 2 Free 1

There is a Pizza Roma buy 2 free 1 which was newly opened (2 weeks ago) near Medan Putra Business Center in Bandar Menjalara. Since it is buy 2 1 free offer, why not give it a try? And also I thought it is lunchtime for me anyways, I might as well take the offer. By the way, the offer to buy 2 for 1 free pizza is really tempting thus I would refuse not to give it a try.

I bought 2 pieces of 7″ pizzas and gotten a free piece called the “Pinsa” which look like a rectangular bread pizza. There are many pizza choices but I picked the spicy beef pepperoni and smoked duck Hawaiian. The free pizza offered is the Pinsa romana margherita. And due to restriction of movement control by our government, only take away was allowed.

Here is the receipt:

Spicy Beef Pepperoni Pizza

Smoked Duck Hawaiian Pizza

Pinsa Romana Margherita.

What I think:

Price: reasonable

  • spicy beef pepperoni – quite spicy as it is topped with red chili and chili padi.
  • smoked duck hawaiian – I love smoked duck so I love this pizza.
  • pinsa margherita – the base is soft like bread in the middle and slightly crunchy on the outside.

Cons: pizza topped with lots of cheese and like any other pizza, always serve when hot. The pizza is filled and very generous with toppings as compared to other pizza shops like dominos or pizza hut.

Get the full menu from http://pizzaroma.my

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