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Restaurant Waroeng Penyet “Curve” Shopping Mall

Restaurant Waroeng Penyet Curve Shopping Mall. I love doing food blog because it is easy to write as we all need to eat. Most importantly, articles are kept as food recording history and are able to share with others like yourself. Today’s article, I headed to “The Curve” in Mutiara Damansara for some “Ayam Penyet”. We (my kids and I) were early and was 1st in line during lunch period. We ordered 2 Ayam Penyet rice lunch special and 1 Bakso Soup lunch special.  This lunch special doesn’t include any drinks, just that if you dine during lunch, price is slightly cheaper than usual. So, we ordered our drinks separately.

This is a semi self-service restaurant, so you need to go slightly early to beat the lunch crowd else you will need to stand in-line to make orders. Upon payment, you are given the receipt and a table number. Food will be served by the restaurant’s staff when it is ready. The chickens are cooked on orders to keep the freshness and to prevent sogginess. While waiting for the food, you need to help yourself to the chilies and eating utensils like spoon and forks.

Even though it is a lunch special price, it is not too expensive yet not that cheap either. Price per-person works out to be approximately RM15.00 (including a drink). If you order Bakso soup, it should work out to be around RM13.00 (including a drink). Unless you drink your own water, you would save on the drinks.

Next come our main course. Ayam Penyet with rice and 2 pieces of fried tofu (2 to 3 pieces of cucumbers).

Not forgetting the chilies.

Next, Bakso noodles soup. (Beef balls noodles).

What I think:-

  1. Ayam Penyet with Rice
    Price: RM15.00 (include a drink – ice lemon tea).

Pros: Nothing great.
Cons: Very dry dish. Chicken is slightly over-cooked hence it’s dry.

Conclusion: I had tasted better Ayam Penyet but it was in Sarawak. Everything is so dry. I like my food not too dry. Fried tofu has no taste as in no tofu taste.

  1. Bakso Noodle Soup
    Price: RM13.00 (include a drink – ice lemon tea).

Pros: Nothing great.
Cons: The beef balls doesn’t have the beef taste. Yellow noodles not chewy, maybe soggy already.

Conclusion: I had better Bakso noodle soup from the street side stalls especially more during Puasa period. On the streets price is very much cheaper with bigger portion and taste lot better.

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