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Roasted Duck Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant

Roasted Duck Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant. My family was to Paramount garden (SS20, Petaling Jaya) for some roasted duck 2 weeks ago. We also ordered some seafood. Actually, we do not intend to order the expensive seafood because we are there mainly for the roasted duck but what the heck. Let’s try the seafood as well.

From what I understand, the roasted duck stall opens at 4.00pm and usually sold out by 8.30pm. So, we had to be early before the ducks are out of stocks. We ordered the whole duck at RM66.00, it was juicy and I just loved the duck sauce. Mixed a bit into your rice, “mamamia”, taste so good and so yummy. I am not going to write any verdict for such a juicy yummy duck. You just have to try and taste it to love it. A word of warning though, it is best you just go for the ducks and not the seafood because when the bill came, it was mind-boggling expensive. My eyes almost popped out.

Just for info, the restaurant belongs to an owner that only serve drinks where the roasted duck and the seafood owner are both tenants. So when you order your drinks, you need to pay up first and it is also not cheap. Honestly, I have been going around places to eat but it is really expensive eating in this restaurant. Maybe it’s just me. To continue, we have 10 people for the night and we ordered a pot of tea that cost us RM22.00 which is RM2.00 per-person (which I thought is awfully expensive).

We ordered one whole roasted duck which only cost us RM66.00 (which is fine). And then the bomb comes when we ordered some seafood. The followings dishes are what we ordered that night.

The other dishes as shown above cost us RM525.00 which is one of the most expensive food we have had taken. I feel they are overcharging us.

Overall, I highly recommend the roasted duck but I do not recommend the seafood as it is expensive. Still if you would like to try, by all means. With RM500 plus, we could have much better food somewhere else.