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Shabu-shabu in Uptown, PJ (Jiro Shabu).

Shabu-shabu. Is Jiro Shabu food any good? Or worth the money? To be honest, I never fancy Japanese steamboat food because we have many local steamboat which is much cheaper and full varieties of food. The mixture of food is almost the same except Japanese steamboat does have it’s extra side dishes that compliment to the main items. Anyway, my friend and I were in Jiro Shabu Damansara uptown a couple of weeks ago (he recommended this restaurant for lunch).

We ordered based on their set meals. You get to choose and pick either set or ala-carte. Set meals are cheaper where you get to choose from few food choices with 1 fixed main (non-halal tho as there are pork bellies involved). From the set meals, you get to also choose the choice of soup base (5 choices which includes Kimchi and Tom Yam soup) plus choices of noodles (about 7 different noodles choices). We added a side dish; “Fish Paste” with our set.

Note: I’m not sure why Tom Yam and Kimchi soup were in a Japanese steamboat restaurant; maybe to cater for more variety soup base?
Anyway, we ordered 2 sets with Kimchi and Tom Yam soup base each.

Price: Single set priced at approximately RM43.00 (2016).
Portion: Single set is more than enough for single person (includes also a basket of vegetables (with Tofu), etc).
Pros: Portion is quite big for a single set. Unlimited soup refill. Food is fresh.
Cons: Limited number of tables, very small tables (food literally spilling over the table), waiters and the boss is not very friendly.

Presenting Pork Belly:

Included a basket of Vegetables (with Tofu).

Ramen or Yee Mee (each for 1 set). Option to buy extra.

Fish Paste.

Kimchi Soup base.

Tom Yam soup base.

Overall view.

Google Maps location:


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