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Takoyaki Original Gindaco Malaysia

Takoyaki original by Gindaco. Do you like Takoyaki? What is Takoyaki? Takoyaki basically is a ball-shaped Japanese snack. Made from wheat flour and cooked in a special moulded pan. The original flavor usually filled with diced octopus (Tako), mayonnaise (Japanese loves Mayonnaise) and top with fried onion leafs and soya sauce. This snack is to be served hot so that the hot mayonnaise melt into your mouth. Of course be careful not to burn your tongue.

Who is Gindaco? Apparently they are famous in Tokyo and now they are in Malaysia with their signature dish. Somehow, it didn’t lift up to their expectation. I tried this snack once in Osaka, Japan (which is famous for Takoyaki) and NOT from Gindaco franchise stall. I loved it very much. I have tried many local stall that sells Takoyaki back in Malaysia but the taste couldn’t get close to the taste that I had in Osaka. Gindaco still didn’t cut it but it is the closest to what they have in Osaka.

What I think:

Price: RM18.50 nett for 8 Takoyaki balls.
Portion: It is a just snack so don’t except it to fill up your tummy.
Pros: Closest you can get to taste Takoyaki locally. Price also almost similar as in Japan.
Cons: Not as juicy (mayonnaise) as the ones in Osaka. Maybe it’s the octopus taste. Taste different from Japan Gindaco also.

Presenting Takoyaki.

Quite dry inside.

Well, at least it has a REAL octopus. *Wink**Wink*

The price as shown in this receipt. (Btw, I took this in Genting Highland branch, maybe cheaper downtown).

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