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Try: Crispy Fried Chicken Wings WIP, KL.

Occasionally I do crave for some crispy fried food (of course I’m trying not to have it everyday), I will go to Wip in Bangsar Shopping Mall and order myself some crispy fried chicken wings. And Yes, they only serve chicken wings because it is not a main dish (unfortunately). Their crispy fried chicken wings are sort of side snack order that goes very well with some alcohol. The crispy fried chicken wings are your companion while you have a drink or 2.

Wait, if you are not the type that drink alcohol, you can anytime just order their chicken wings as your main dish like I always do. The dish come with 4 crispy fried chicken wings and if you are a light eater, it should satisfy your stomach else you can order other food to compliment it.

Price: RM22.00.
Location: Wip, Bangsar Shopping Mall.
Verdict: Wings are crispy. Price is expensive comparing with other stall but maybe because this is a high end restaurant with bar.
Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 stars

Introducing the Crispy Fried Chicken Wings.

Lighting a little dim in the restaurant and I took this photo with my 16mp camera phone.

Light source from a little dimmed table lamp.

4 chicken wings total.

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