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Trying Buns From Boite A Bijoux

This is the 1st time I’m trying some buns from Boite A Bijoux bakery. This shop is located in Sri Hartamas shops area. I don’t usually buy breads or buns from shops because it doesn’t come cheap. To be honest, I found breads are much more expensive than a plate of chicken rice. Anyway, it is just me as I’m a traditional type of guy who eat simple and always aware of food prices.

But in this case, I was still feeling hungry after my lunch and on the way back to office, I happen to pass by this shop. And I bought myself a mini ham cheese bun and a nacho cheese bun. I love hams so found that these 2 type of buns appealing. The buns are small sized and as I expected, the price is not cheap. Also, maybe because it uses Japanese flour for its bread dough.

My receipt as shown here:-

And here are the buns i bought: (above is the mini ham cheese and below it is the nacho cheese bun)

How is my bun taste:

  • The hams and the cheese didn’t taste as it should be, maybe I have a strong taste buds.
  • My palette just didn’t do good for me.
  • Maybe they just oven the hams together with the bread as it is healthier.
  • Maybe by doing so, didn’t bring out the aroma of the ham.
  • I also cannot taste the difference between Japanese flour and normal flour. Japanese flour should be softer?
  • I do taste the nachos’ though.
  • Buns are small sized for a price of above RM3.00 a set, it is not fulling and definitely just as fun snack.

But if you like buns, you can drop by and try it.

Google Maps location.

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