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How To Use AutoDora Tower of Savior.

Update: (2018) Autodora may not be working anymore. I have not been playing TOS for past few months so I’m not too sure whether it is still working or not.

updated: 15/09/2018

Autodora. Do you play Tower of Savior (TOS) game on your phone? Trying to get high Combos? How about wanting to spin 6 to 8 combos? There is a simple solution to your dilemma; use autodora app. This app doesn’t help you win some stages but it greatly help in your combo spins and win most of the stages. Today’s topic is not about how to win any stage or level. Today’s topic is about how to set and use autodora in Android phones.

How it started for me? I have been playing tower of savior for quite some time and I always rely on suggested path, my spinning ability and my characters collection to win stages / levels. Some levels are extremely difficult to spin especially those that needs high combo spins. Then my friend (Google search) introduce me to this app. Autodora is an app that identify a path for you and you can just simply follow the suggested path and make high combo spins.

Now, getting the app is not difficult but there are very few to none English instruction on how to setup this app into your Android phone. Today, I going to share how you can setup autodora in your phone. Info: my phone is running MIUI firmware on Android. If you need IOS instruction, please google it as I only provide steps for Android setup.

Here are the steps (Android only) :-

  1. Download Autodora from one of the links at https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/101747523860375449658.
  2. Install app on your Android phone.
  3. Once installed -> Goto Phone Settings.
  4. Goto -> Settings -> Installed App -> select “Autodora”.
  5. Goto -> Permission Manager.
  6. Goto -> Display Pop-Up Windows -> “Enable” it.
  7. Exit Settings.
  8. Open Autodora app.
  9. Goto -> Screenshot Path tab -> select your Screenshot folder and click “Setup” at the bottom left.
  10. Go back to PROFILE, remember to SAVE the PROFILE (Important to get this app to work). <– updated 24-4-2017 –>
  11. Click “Path Mode” to run autodora.
  12. Done. Enjoy your TOS game.

Hope this article helped you in some ways.