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Western Asian Food at Nelson Cafe, Kepong

How did I go for Western Asian food at Nelson’s Cafe in Kepong? I was hungry and not sure what to have for dinner. I go online (on Google Maps) and search the nearest restaurant nearby me. A few restaurants pop up in the list and one of them is Nelson Cafe which is about 15 mins drive from where I am.

This restaurant was with a rating of 4 stars while many other restaurants are rated 4 stars and below so maybe this is a good restaurant to try. It was a raining day as I drove over following Google Maps.

The restaurant was easy to find and I headed straight into the restaurant without delay. Normally, I will browse the menu first before entering any eatery. And this time, I didn’t because firstly, it was raining and secondly, I don’t remember seeing any menu placed at the front of the restaurant.

I have a sense of uneasiness as usually such restaurants either has high-priced items or bad food. And since I already inside, I might as well take a look at their menu.

The restaurant settings are outdated with very dimmed lighting. It needs to have some form of upgrading especially their menu. I was shocked that the menu was printed on A4 paper staple together without any images (maybe they are in the mist of printing a new menu booklet, I am not sure). The menu presentation was just not proper, just plain food name and no images.

And since I am already seated, I might as well order some food and try them out. I ordered 3 dishes. A plate of smoked duck spaghetti pomodoro Alfredo, porky’s banger platter and men steak. 

Bear with me as the photos are a bit dark due to the restaurant dimmed lighting. Firstly, smoked duck spaghetti.

Second dish, men steak

Lastly, porky’s banger platter


Price between RM22.00 to RM33.00
Pros: Sausages are quite good and the men steak is quite delicious.
Cons: Dishes are OVER-PRICED (with its internal settings, menu presentation and all), portion is small versus it’s price tag, small bun as appetizer. The restaurant owner must justify the pricing against its restaurant. Men steak not even served with corn or broccoli. This restaurant should have done better.

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