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What’s Your Passion? Hobby?

What is your passion? Is there a different between passion and hobby? Well, let’s study what dictionary have to say about passion and hobby.

Hobby – an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.
Passion – strong and barely controllable emotion. Burning desire.

That’s the main difference between a hobby and a passion. With hobby in mind, you have no pressure in doing one’s thing as it is pleasurable and can be done at your leisure even tho it is done regularly. Whereas a passion is a very strong and not easily controllable emotion about one’s thing. It means that in passion, you will have that extra power to be doing that one thing that you are set to do and can be uncontrollable as you will want to complete and finish what you started immediately or at shorter length of time  It is a vast difference between these 2 words.

So, why do I want to blog about this? Whether going into a business or starting a new career, or even before you go into building a career or business, where and which is the correct path for you after school? A hobby can turn into a passion if you are serious enough while a passion might simply turn into a hobby. These 2 words centers around core self. For sure 1 self will turn your passion into a hobby is when you are a lazy person. Being lazy will quickly turn passion into a simple hobby.

Let’s look at couple of examples:-

  1. Good in MATHS.
    • Say you liked calculation and are good in maths, now the question is are you really into mathematics or mere taking it as a hobby to challenge yourself in calculation? Let’s see what you have become if you have passion, you might strive well being a scientist or an engineer. If it is merely just as a hobby, you might strive well in being as a teacher or a mathematician professor or an accountant.
  2. Good in COOKING.
    • If you are passion into cooking, you might strive well as a chef. You would want your dish to be prefect. If it is as a hobby, you might as well be in the kitchen at home. Still, there are people who turn that hobby into a passion or vice-versa. So, you must know whether you have the motivation and desire to create a prefect dish to know that you can indeed become a chef.
  3. Good in LOOKING AT BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (for guys).
    • You might find this funny but if you do have a passion in looking at beautiful girls, you might strive well as a model agent, make-up artist or designer. If it is merely a hobby, then go get yourself a beautiful wife because only you will see her as beautiful. Now, what about looking at HANDSOME GUYS? Same thing is going to happen, become an model agent.
  4. Good in ART.
    • If you do have real passion in art, you might consider going into graphic arts, creator art or painter. Being an artist needs lots of creativity and must have real passion. If you take it as a hobby, becoming an art teacher suits nicely. Of course becoming a advertisement artist might also work but not as creative director.
  5. Good in VIDEO GAMING.
    • Passionate about video gaming? Well, this is an interesting passion. Video games is not purely just playing any video game. Of course playing video games every minute every hour every day is not healthy and that does not mean that you are passion in playing a video game. You are just merely addicted to video games and forego all your other stuff. So are you into video games as a passion or just merely as a hobby to pass time or worst case scenario, play like an addicted person never leaving your seat?

So, that was some my take on the words PASSION and HOBBY.