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Xan Ling Sri Sinar Hometown Dish

This is our 2nd visit (my family and I) to this restaurant called Xan Ling Sri Sinar Hometown dish restaurant for one of my favorite dish which is their stewed pork rice. For information, this is a Hokkien dish restaurant.

This is one of my favorite dish, which is stew pork with an egg and some stir-fried cabbage on the side. The portion is quite filling, and the price is also reasonable at only RM9.00 a bowl. Compared with other dishes in the menu, this is one dish worth ordering. Food prices in this little restaurant is not all cheap though.

Here are some of other dishes we ordered, and total cost jacked up to over RM140.00 with the most expensive item in the list was the fried fish head with soy beans paste which is RM30.00 a plate. Other than the fish, we have fried tofu, soy sauce braised chicken feet, mui choy fried eggs and gai choy rice. We also ordered a small pot of plain porridge which is not in the image list below.

What I think:

Pro: Loved the stew pork rice bowl. Fish head must be served either with rice or plain porridge as it can be salty.
Price: Under high pricing category except the stewed pork rice bowl at only RM9.00 (03/2021) RM10.00 (10/2022).
Portion: Just nice except the gai choy rice (a bit too small).

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