Free And Easy In Bangkok Day 2

On our 2nd day in Bangkok after a goodnight sleep. Yes, really goodnight sleep because we had to wake up as early as 3.00am to leave for departure at 7.00am, thus didn’t get to sleep or rest on reaching Bangkok on Day 1.

Now, fully recharged on Day 2, time for more food and exploration. Today, we are going to Pratunam Wholesale Market for a walk and then go straight to Baiyoke 18th floor for a special buffet lunch. This special buffet lunch is called “Fruits Buffet” where we indulge in tropical fruits and all we can eat till we are full. Again, we took Grab-car to Pratunam and cost us 125 baht. As usual Bangkok road is always jam and we reached the location after about 30 mins ride.

Pratunam is packed with cars and people. From the main road, we need to walk about 15mins to the wholesales market area which is located behind the shops shown in below picture (left side of photo). On the right side of the photo is the Platinum shopping mall (air condition). On the left side behind the row of shops is the Pratunam wholesales market street (without air condition).

Side lane towards Pratunam wholesale market. Along the way, there is Pratunam shopping complex (air condition).

This is how it looks like inside the Pratunam wholesale mall. Plenty to indulge yourself with. Basically, very cheap fashion clothing.

One of the “tuk-tuk” you can ride. Negotiate a price with the driver before stepping onto the vehicle. “Tuk-tuk” is quite expensive and also very dangerous but if you are new, do try it out .. maybe on a short distance which is cheaper and less dangerous. They are very fast and getting to the destination whichever possible fastest way including going through back or side lanes.

Towards the other side of Pratunam wholesale market, we are on our way to Baiyoke Sky hotel for their only Fruits Buffet on the 18th floor level (incidentally, it is also the hotel lobby). Fruits buffet cost 399 baht each person (including an entrance ticket to 88th floor observation deck floor). So, before going up to the observation deck, let’s fill up our tummies first.

Fruit Buffet (all you can eat) for 1hour 45 mins. I was so full till I have forgotten to try their Bingsu (see the sign just right in front).

Tropical fruits from mango to pineapples to Thai’s durians. You can select from the baskets and asked the waiter to cut to fruits for you or you could also pick up fruits that already been cut.

Thailand durians.

Variety fruits curry for taste.

Thailand durian as big as my knuckle.

My 2nd piece.

Almost finished my 2 pieces of Durian.

Here is my table of fruits. Anything of everything available at the buffet.

Durian bun.

Durian puff.

Fresh cut Mango.

Trying young mango with chili sauce (Thailand’s famous dish).

Mango sticky rice.

Various sticky rice to try. Beware, it is very sweet.

Ready for your picking. Choose your Mango sticky rice.

Mixed fruits salad (Som Tum).

Chinese oranges also very sweet and I loved this one.

Is this the Bingsu that I didn’t get to try?

Do you pick.

Jelly lychee.

Now onward to 88th Floor observation deck.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel is the tallest hotel in Bangkok and on its observation deck you could see the whole of Bangkok city (360 degree). There are also 2 to 3 restaurants in between floor 88 and the highest floor is the rotation restaurant where you can enjoy your meal on a rotating platform. I didn’t manage to go to the highest floor as it requires booking. Anyway, 88th floor is already good enough for me until my next trip (if any).

Photos taken form 88th floor of the observation deck.

Extra photo taken inside observation deck.

Google Maps Location:-

Thai Massage Time

Nothing is complete without going for Thai Massage if you travel to Bangkok. On reaching the ground floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel, there are many massage centers. I don’t know which is a good center but I noticed that all the prices are the same (apparently very competitive business). We just went into one which we feel comfortable. We just have foot massage which is 200 baht for 60 mins massage. Full body massage is also the same price at 200 baht for 60 mins. We opt for just foot massage.

My feet getting for a good massage.

Fell asleep during massage. Too Relaxing.

Everyone enjoying their foot massage.

Well, you don’t go home without a good massage in Bangkok. Some places are slightly more expensive at around 200 baht for 30 mins only. Those massage centers without air condition are much cheaper at only 150 baht for 60 mins. You wouldn’t want to go into these centers, mainly serving locals. The best just stick to 200 baht 60 mins massage centers around Pratunam area.

Dinner Time.

Of course after the massage, everyone is hungry again. Time for some dinner. We have our dinner at one of the largest chain restaurant in Bangkok which is MK restaurant. This restaurant served steamboat and from what I gather, they have the best duck as well. We need to try it. MK is almost in every shopping mall around Bangkok city. We tried our luck at Big C supermarket just around the corner from where our massage is. And there it is, on the top most floor of Big C. How convenient.

We ordered their set promotion which is 299 baht for mixed (1 person) and 599 for seafood (2 persons). We also ordered their duck as a side since it their signature dish. They have table service as well as you can order via e-menu (in Thai as well as in English language).

This is the 299 baht mixed steamboat for 1 person. Contains pork meat, chicken meat, fish, fish balls, mushroom, etc.

Now the 599 baht set (2 persons). Seafood set with mussels, prawns (shrimps), cutlet fish, fish, tofu, etc.

Trying their famous duck dish (150 baht for a medium size).

Table setup. By the way, if you don’t order any drinks, they provide

Google Maps Location of Big C supermarket:-

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