Close Friends And Relatives Infected By Covid19

Close Friends And Relatives Infected By Covid19

Story of my close friends and relatives infected by covid19. During the 1st MCO, which is named MCO 1.0, many of us are safe from infection. I would not hear anyone close to me that got infected by covid19. The same goes for MCO 2.0, whereby most of us are still safe. However, come MCO 3.0, I started to hear friends and relatives got infected by covid19.

Case 1) – My wife’s office colleague. She always take public buses to work and was suspected to have contacted with a covid-19 positive person in one of her ride. She was down with mild fever with sore throat and was later tested covid-19 positive. My wife introduces her to hydrogen water and she immediately took it. She recovers within 1 week under home quarantine.

Case 2) – My wife’s close friend. 3 members of the family got infected (mother, sister, and this close friend). It was unfortunate for her old-age mother, who did not survive the whole ordeal. They started developing cough and were tested covid19 positive. Her mother then started having breathing difficulty and was sent to a hospital and pass away, while both the friend and her sister were still under home quarantine. After about a week and a half, her sister also started having breathing difficulty and was immediately sent to Sungai Buloh Hospital, where she stayed for 2 weeks, recovered, and was discharged. Both herself and her sister recovered, but this unpleasant experience will be imprinted into them for life.

Note: These 2 ladies took hydrogen water even before tested positive of covid-19 and continued to take hydrogen water to improve and quicken their recovery.

Case 3) – My secondary schoolmate. Both he and his wife got tested covid19 positive. From what he described, the infection came from his office staff. He and his wife were under home quarantine but later faced breathing difficulty. My friend quickly calls Sungai Buloh hospital for assistance. An ambulance picked them up and was immediately sent to covid19 ward. He was struggling in the ward, but treatment was given by the Doctors there. After almost 2 weeks of treatment, he recovered and was allowed to discharge. However, they sent his wife to ICU, and lung damage was already in stage 4 or 5 (I didn’t ask further on this matter). His wife passes away 2 days after he was discharged from the hospital.

Case 4) – My cousins. Just recently, I heard from my cousin that both herself and her brother tested covid19 positive. Thank god that her mother tested negative. Her mother was vaccinated with the 1st dose of Sinovac 3 weeks ago and very, fortunately, tested negative when she went with her children for a swap test. The children initially did not want to admit into the quarantine center. My cousin did seek my opinion about this matter, and my advice to her is, probably best to admit into quarantine center for the following reasons:

  • Being taken care of by doctors and nurses by daily check-ups.
  • Medicine easily available.
  • Oxygen tank easily available in case needed.
  • Food is taken care of.
  • Being away from their mother, who is tested negative to not infect the mother due to close contact.

With all the above reasons, it sounded better logical than self-monitoring under home quarantine. Hence, I strongly recommend that she check into a quarantine center, but the decision lies in her own hands. I advise her to do so because both herself and her brother are already developing symptoms like bad dry cough, sore throat, and flu. Unless they are non to mild symptoms, then the option to stay under home quarantine is open for decision. Anyway, they opt to check-in, and they were sent to MAEPs Serdang.

Update: 14-6-2021: Because they were sent to the center, I had to bring their mother for her 2nd PCR swab test in Dewan Kampung Muda. I am willing to help, but on the other hand, I am worried as well because I will be exposed to many possibles suspected covid19 public or those already tested positive.

Update: 15-6-2021 (Day 1): At around 8 pm, I received a text message from my cousin, and her mother’s (my aunt) test is positive. KKM’s doctor in charge of her is still deciding where she would be sent to, either the quarantine center or hospital. I am listed as non-close contact, but I will need to undergo a swap test if I develop symptoms after 3 days starting from today.

Update: 16-6-2021 (Day 2): Still monitoring myself and isolate at home, but I’m more worried about my other family members. I am the only member of my family taken 1st dose of the Astrazeneca vaccine. I do not know the efficacy or effectiveness of the AZ vaccine, and this is the test since I’m now a close contact.

Update 17-6-2021 (Day 3): Still monitoring myself. KKM’s van came at around 6pm and pick my aunt to MAEPS quarantine centre.

Update 18-6-2021 (Day 4): I have a slight cough, and I still think I should go for my PCR test today or tomorrow. Also, I just heard from my cousin’s brother that my aunt might have a lung infection, but he asked me to check with my cousin’s sister as she is with her. Apparently, her lung infection is slightly on the high side, and her liver is also infected and now under monitoring care. Supposedly, my cousin’s sister can be discharged today, but she opted to stay with her mother. As for me, I decide to go for my PCR test tomorrow since it should be the 5th day after close contact.

Update 19-6-2021 (Day 5): My cousin sister discharged today. Her mother is sent to Sungai Buloh hospital for monitoring due to her unstable oxygen readings. On the other hand, I went for my swab test at BP lab near Kepong. I reached at 8.15am and already there are 4 people ahead of me. Registration is simple and pay 1st before swabbing. Nurse changed her gloves for every swab and sanitize her hands and the chair. Result should be out by next day before 5.00pm. My moment of truth. At about 8.00pm, I received my result from the lab and stated that Covid-19 is not detected. My result is negative. Whoopee!

Update 20-6-2021 (Day 6): My auntie Covid-19 infected her blood stream and doctor puts her under drips today. My PCR test result was updated into mysejahtera app automatically. Upon tested negative, I think I do not need to be quarantined anymore.

Update 21-6-2021 (Day 7): My auntie is still under oxygen tank and doctor administer steroids medicine on her. My cousin’s brother is still in quarantine and doing well. He is hoping to be discharged soon. I’m fine till today.

Update 22-6-2021 (Day 8): Doctor found blood clot in one of my auntie’s lung’s veins (updated on 24-6-2021: suspected blood clot and blood sample taken on 22-6-2021). She is fine as of today but doctor will continue to monitor her condition closely. Also today, a blood test and x-ray was performed on my cousins brother. I am guessing he maybe allowed to discharge soon if the results is good for clearance.

Update 23-6-2021 (Day 9): Doctor told my cousins sister that her mum on 7 liters of oxygen today. She was on 8 liters earlier but her progress is improving and doctor hope that she can further reduce to 5 liters of oxygen as a sign of improvement. I have no knowledge of how the oxygen liter intake is calculated but I wish for her fast recovery. Also, my aunt legs are swollen from water retention, thus I advised her to check with doctor about her heart condition (swollen legs could be caused her heart) . Note: My cousins sister bought a box of hydrogen water for her mum consumption.

Update 24-6-2021 (Day 10): Doctor reduced her oxygen intake to 5 liters as she is showing progress. Apparently, my cousins brother was on drip as well and was taken off yesterday (he kept quiet about this matter). Blood test and CT scan result shows that my aunt did not have blood clot but was given some potassium pills for her heart. According to my cousins sister, both of them are quite well today and hoping that they can discharged soon. I predict that her brother should be discharging soon but not her mother as yet. I believe the doctor may need to observe her for a couple of days more.

Update 25-6-2021 (Day 11): My aunt oxygen intake reduced from 4 liters to 2 liters and eventually was taken off her in the evening. She is improving and doctor said if continues to improve, she can be discharged soon. She was also moved from 6th floor to 9th floor together with recovering patients.

Update 26-6-2021 (Day 12): She no longer on oxygen assistants. She condition improves a lot. As for my cousins brother, he received the discharge letter and he can go home the next day.

Update 27-6-2021 (Day 13): Both my aunt and cousins brother have recovered and return home.

Update 5/7/2021 (Post Covid – 8th days at home): Both my aunt and cousins brother are still weak and slowly recovering at home. They are still facing tiredness and couldn’t do heavy work.

Note: The lab that I am getting my PCR test is open 7 days a week. PCR test is available from 8.30am to 11.30am and 1.30pm to 3.30pm on weekdays, and 8.30am to 11.00am on weekends.

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