Penang Food Trip, 2018

I had a wonderful and full filling Penang Food Trip, 2018 with my family. This trip is mostly concentrated  in food hunting especially street food. We were there for 3 days and started our food hunting journey in Kampar, Perak and continue to Nibong Tebal where we have our most satisfying crab porridge and asam prawn.

We were at Kampar wet market food court where we had fish ball noodles (loh shee fun), fish cake and curry chee cheong fun. Both of this stall are filled with people waiting in line their breakfast.

Stall 32 – Curry chee cheong fun.

Stall 13 – Fish ball noodles.

Kampar food court (wet market) opens early in the morning and if you want to eat here, be sure to be early as this food court closes before noon.

Next stop in Nibong Tebal for our crab porridge. It is usually crowded in this restaurant and so we were there as early as possible. They open for business at around 11.30am and we were there at around 11.45am. However, we were lucky this time as it is not crowded at all (maybe due to off season period and it is on a Thursday), seats are still available past 12.30 noon.

We didn’t wait long for our food (food was served under 20 mins) and we were thankful that we have a peaceful meal this time. Restaurant name is Restaurant Law Cheang Kee. If not mistaken, this restaurant closes on Tuesday (but do check it out).

Here is our main dish as they are famous for this dish in Nibong Tebal. CRAB Porridge. 
Price for 2 persons is RM40.00.

Asam Prawn (RM25.00 for 4 prawns).

Loh Bak, the famous Penang dish. (2 pieces at RM8.00)

And finally, Kangkung at RM8.00.

On reaching Penang, our food hunting continues. Fried oyster, char kuey teow, loh bak, chee cheong fun, char koay kak, kuey teow thng, etc. these are the food we looked at that is famous in Penang. Let get together one by one of the food we had.

Char kuey teow (fried noodles) 
Price: RM4.50 to RM5.00

Fried oyster
Price: RM12.00 to RM15.00

Loh bak (spice pork rolls)
Price: Depending where you eat it.

Chee cheong fun with prawn sauce
Price: RM4.20 (2 pieces)

Char koay kak (Fried rice cake)
Price: RM3.00 to RM5.00

Wan ton mee (Black sauce noodles)
Price: RM4.50

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