Must Try: Petaling Street Curry Laksa, Malaysia

Do you like Malaysia Curry Laksa? If you love curry laksa, you must try this curry laksa stall behind Petaling Street (inside the morning wet market area). This is one of my favorite Curry Laksa and I should consider this the best in town. Their stall is small with only 1 table at the front but 5 to 6 tables behind their stall. Usually, if you want faster service, sit at the front table.

For more comfort sitting, go the the back of their stall. And remember, Curry Laksa must taste with clams (see-harm). I always want my curry laksa with clams else not enough “kick” for my taste, if you know what I mean.

History: 3rd generation operating this stall now but alas, owner’s children are not interested in operating the stall. No more Curry Laksa stall once current owner decides to retire (from what I heard from the owner). So, better go try it today. Btw, previously location was named as the “Madras Lane”.

It is good:

Price: RM6.00 (Small); RM7.00 (Big).
Portion: Enough for 1 person.

Note: Just go for the small bowl and without chicken. This Laksa tasted better without chicken but if you like it with chicken, go ahead and try it. Even though it is small size, it is still enough for a single person. It should be written as regular instead of small. And yes, really must try the taste with clams even if you dislike clams.

Always mix some lime into the curry, it will taste better. (Plus, lessen the spiciness of the curry).

Typical table arrangement with chopsticks, lime, chili oil and soya sauce. (Photo taken from behind stall).

Small size bowl.

More stuff at the bottom of bowl. (taugeh (bean spout), long beans, tofu puffs, eggplants).

Up close and personal. (with Clams).

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