Steps To Do After Failing JPJ Color Blindness Test

Steps To take After Failing JPJ Color Blindness Test. I found this from one of the local forum and wanted this to be recorded as it is interesting to know what’s next if you fail in JPJ color blindness test.

Below is the full extract from the forum:-

Steps by steps

1. Go to JPJ Licensing Department to take a ‘borang’ from them. You need to give it to your doctor to fill in the information later. 

2. Consult an ophthalmologist (eye specialist). You can find them in some Government Hospital/Clinic or Private Hospital/Clinic **(NEVER CONSULT A GENERAL PHYSICIAN FOR THIS)***

3. The doctor will likely use an Ishihara Chart (12 colors chart) to test your color blindness. The chart is similar to the JPJ test you did. They will also test your 23 meter eye sight thingy. 

4. Take the borang and hand it in to JPJ

5. You can now skipped the color blindness test and retake the 50questions undang test. (you can retake it after a few days)

Things to be reminded: 
– Bring your Photostat IC
– Mine was done in 2018 and in a private clinic, so the cost for consulting the doctor is around RM100-RM150
– Most people have Deuteranopia (Red-Green color deficiency), if you have those symtoms, the doctor will most likely tick TIDAk for Red and Green, YA for Yellow and Blue. If your 23 meter is good too, the doctor will write 6/6 on that section. 
– It is okay if you have those deficiency, the doctor will still circle LAYAK MEMANDU with remarks that you are not encouraged to drive kenderaan besar/awam. JPJ usually still approve this. 
– The only thing JPJ charges you is for the retake fees. There are no charges for the steps I mentioned earlier…

** for further enquiries, you can always phone the JPJ **
I have mild Deuteranopia, they approved me.
These are in 2018.

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