Taobao Payment Unsuccessful!

Taobao Payment Unsuccessful!

Taoboa payment unsuccessful. This happens due to Alipay may have restrict your payment access due to security reasons. To allow your payment to pass, one need to lift the restriction in Alipay. The good thing about this is one is able to do the self lifting via Alipay mobile app.

  • add new card into Alipay if credit card been changed.
  • if adding a new card has error, One would need to verify the credit card by going into customer self service help.
  • take an image of the new card and verification should take about 5 to 10 mins.
  • once approved, one should receive an notification in Alipay.
  • and now, add a new card should not have any errors.

To be able to use the new card (and if there is an error message where “payment is unsuccessful”, one need to do extra step

  • search in Alipay app, chinese character.
  • click the 2nd icon “”
  • take image of your passport (for non-China citizen)
  • take a photo of yourself.
  • if all goes well, a message “Successfully” shall be prompted else just re-do the verification again.

All the above must be done using the mobile app.